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Paul Finn Solicitors handle Accident Claim cases including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, criminal injuries compensation and fatal accident claims in Cornwall, Devon & Beyond.   We are committed to maximising your compensation and accelerating the claims process. 
Paul Finn Solicitors does not accept instructions from Claims Management companies to ensure that our focus is on you, our client.  We do not run a call centre, when you instruct Paul Finn Solicitors a lawyer and his secretary will handle your case and you will be able to contact them personally.

  alt textFree & no obligation initial interview to discuss your claim  
  alt textAt this point we can advise you of the probability of success  
  alt textYou will work with one lawyer and secretary; you can contact them at any time during office hours  
  alt text You will be kept informed at every stage  
  alt textOur experience speaks for itself, getting the best possible results for your claim  
    Call our team of specialists now for help and guidance, or fill out our short claims form above and we will call you back.  

Road Traffic Accidents

You may be entitled to make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim if you are involved in a road traffic accident that is not your fault.  You can make a claim if you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcyclist or cyclist. If you are a passenger you may be able to claim against the insurance company of the responsible party, alternatively if you fall into another category you may be able to bring an action against the insurance company of the of the driver that collided with you.

Claims for Fatal Accidents

The dependants, such as children, wives & husbands of victims of Fatal Accidents can claim for a statutory fixed amount of £10,000.  In addition you may be entitled to recover damages if you are financially dependant upon the deceased to cover expenses such as funeral arrangements and associated costs. 
Dependants that are entitled to recover costs include:
Spouse or former spouse of the deceased (husband or wife)
Civil partner or formal civil partner of the deceased
Child or other dependant of the deceased

Criminal Injuries Compensation

Criminal injury victims may be able to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).   The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority can award compensation of £1,000 to £500,000 depending on the seriousness of the victim’s injury.
You may still be awarded compensation even if the offender is not convicted or even not caught.

Defective Product & Product Liability Claims

Defective product claims are also known as Product Liability claims.  Injuries can result from defective equipment, appliances, children’s toys or cars, but can also include medicines and food.  Paul Finn Solicitors are experienced in dealing with Personal Injury claims and can assist you though your defective product claim to help maximise the compensation available to you.

  alt textDefective medicines and pharmaceuticals  
  alt textDefective food stuffs (for example e-coli or salmonella)  
  alt textHair Treatment & Beauty Products such as dryers, straighteners or chemicals   
  alt textOther defective products such as cars, furniture, toys, home-wares etc  
  Paul Finn Solicitors are experts in dealing with Accident Claims for Personal Injury caused at work.  Types of Injuries can include:  
  alt textWorkplace Slips and Trips alt textDangerous Machinery in the Workplace  
  alt textAccidents at Work for Members of the Armed Forces alt textAccidents in Construction  
  alt textFalls from a Height in the Workplace Compensation Claim alt textWorkplace Manual Handling Claim  
  alt textOther Workplace Accidents    
  Employers have compulsory insurance to cover the cost of Accident Claims and to help ensure you get the compensation you require.  

If you suffer from an accident such as a slip, trip or fall on someone else’s property, which was not your fault you may be able to claim.  Often people consider these types of injuries to be minor but often they result in serious injuries such as broken bones.
Many claims happen in the workplace due to obstructions or wet and slippery floors.  Other accidents can occur in public places such as council owned footpaths, supermarkets, restaurants, banks etc where poor maintenance, obstacles or slippery surfaces cause injury.  

Claims include:

  alt textChildren injured in sports centres or playgrounds  
  alt textIll health caused by poorly maintained council housing  
  alt text Injuries to pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists caused by potholes in road or pavement  
  alt textPersonal Injury caused by wet floors in shops, supermarkets, schools and hospitals  
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